Minha Alma and You


Realização:     Ana Rocha

Argumento:   Ana Rocha

Elenco:           Teresa Tavares, Helena Freitas, Stewart Lockwood


Esperança, devotes her life to taking care of her sister Alma who suffers from autism. Esperança is a strong-willed and self-sacrificing woman who spends her days at home, yet never finds time for herself. Her only connection to the outside world is Adil, a shy and awkward man who delivers their food daily and is obviously in love with her. In the evenings once Alma is asleep they have a small ritual- they have dinner together. It is now clear that Adil wants more and is tired of waiting. An invitation to a wedding and a burnt cake finally start to shake up Esperança’s deep rooted convictions. She is now pressed to make a choice- continuing taking care of her sister’s life or finally starting living her own.






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